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New Zealand Information Security Manual


The New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) is the New Zealand Government's manual on information assurance and information systems security. 

The NZISM is an integral part of the Protective Security Requirements (PSR) framework which sets out the New Zealand Government's expectations for the management of personnel, information and physical security as directed by Cabinet. 

NZISM Baseline Security Templates

See the Introduction to the NZISM Baseline Security Templates.

Latest Version

Version 3.6 of the NZISM is now available and supersedes all previous versions. 

Recent Changes

Overview of version 3.6 control updates.

See What's New for an overview of the latest changes to the NZISM.

NZISM Versions

See Archive for archived versions of the digital NZISM.

See Previous Versions for previously published versions of the NZISM.

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